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We are Aaron & Nikki Lyon and this is our blog. Nikki & I met and began dating in high school. As most high school relationships go we ended up going our separate ways for a while, it was actually close to six years. When we did get back in touch with one another and decided to give it another try things just clicked. Only a few months after we began our new "old" relationship I proposed. Two and a half years later we got married.

I am a graduate from Auburn University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation Management. I hold several pilot ratings and enjoy flying every chance I get. Since Nikki and I got married we have grown even closer together. She has even begun to share my love of flying. We currently live in Auburn, AL where Nikki is the teller manager for a local bank and I am working on my MBA degree.

This blog is a documentation of our lives together. We hope that you enjoy some of the stories and pictures we post and hope that you will check back often. We would love to hear what you think of our blog so please feel free to leave comments or send us a message.

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